Selasa, 18 September 2018

Pertemuan Ilmiah Respirologi Kalimantan Timur 2018


Peserta simposium Pertemuan Ilmiah Respirologi Kalimantan Timur (PIR Kaltim) 2018 bisa melihat atau mengunduh materi presentasi semua pembicara. Semoga bermanfaat.

Ethico Medico Legal: Hippocratic Oath Reviseted, Dr. Emil Bachtiar Moerad, Sp.P

Universal Health Coverage 2019: Health Service Disruption Era, Kanwil BPJS Kaltimseltara

Simposia 1: lung Oncology
1.       A case study: Giving More than One Year PFS in Advanced NSCLC Patient EGFRm + with Erlotinib outcome, Dr. Maurits Marpaung, Sp.P
       LIHAT / UNDUH

2.       Lung cancer: A case study, Risk reduction in brain metastasis in advanced NSCLC for EGFRm+ with Erlotinib, Dr. Ridmawan Wahyu Jatmiko, Sp.P

Simposia 2: COPD
1.       Efective goal setting and improvement patient adherence, Dr. Donni Irfandi Alfian, Sp.P

2.       Can we switch COPD treatment into LABA+LAMA? What’s the evidence? DR. Dr. Susanthy Jayalaksana, Sp.P(K), FISR

Simposia 3: Asthma
1.       Update asthma exacerbation management and the role of budesonide to improve, Dr. Ahmad Subagyo, Sp.P

2.       The paradoxes of asthma management, Prof. DR. Dr. Muhammad Amin, Sp.P(K), FISR
        LIHAT / UNDUH

Symposia 4: Pulmonary infection
1.       Tuberculosis: recent management and how we are dealing with the difficulties, DR. Mauritz Silalahi, Sp.P, MARS

2.       Pharmacological therapy for pneumonia, Dr. Dian Ariani Tarigan, Sp.P

Simposia 5: Pulmonary and respiratory emergency
1.       Dyspnea: How to manage?, Dr. Diah Adhyaksanti, Sp.P

2.       Cough and bloody cough: How to stop?, Dr. Yanti Evi Arlini Gultom, Sp.P

Prof. DR. Dr. Muhammad Amin, Sp.P(K), FISR

DR. Dr. Susanthy Jayalaksana, Sp.P(K), FISR

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